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KOSUN ZJ70 Low Temperature Solids Control Systems to Kazakhstan

At the beginning of January 2015, the ZJ70 low temperature solids control system, which Kazakhstan KOSUN Service Co., Ltd. signed with a local well-known drilling company, had been ...
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The First Issue of Unveiling KOSUN CIPPE 2015

As a senior solids control equipment manufacturer in China, KOSUN shows up at CIPPE with heavy solids control equipment each year. On the last day of 2014, we just want to say: KOSU...
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KOSUN Mud Solids Control Equipment Delivered to South America

Preparation for seven sets of rig solids control equipment has been completed after two-month intense production....
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KOSUN Customized Decanting Centrifuge Delivered to Africa Again

Recently, another good news from KOSUN African market came that a western African customer ordered two DC450L decanter centrifuges. ...
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KOSUN Delivers the Second Batch of Solids Control Equipment for Rig to Russia

This year, KOSUN signed an order of 20 sets of drilling mud solids control equipments with a Russian drilling service company....
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KOSUN Heavyweight Solids Control Equipments Ready to Go !

The recent dozens of decanter centrifuge, shale shaker, mud cleaner and MONO Pumps which are producing in KOSUN’s factory have been already and all set to transport to Houston....
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After-sales Services of KOSUN Solids Control Circulating System for ZJ50 Rig (Service Site in Northern Shaanxi of China)

With the purpose of effectively guaranteeing normal operation of solids control equipment and systems of drilling crews, enhancing the production efficiency and saving the cost of w...
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Behind Success: KOSUN After-sales Service Team to South Korea for Equipment Installation

Last month, 1000HP drilling mud solids control system sold to South Korea was shipped to the destination on schedule. ...
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