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The Most Three Solids Control Equipment in Drilling Mud System

Use of Oil Shale Shaker Drilling fluid shale shaker is the first defense of solids control, also known as a solids control equipment , drilling fluid is not allowed directly into th...
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KOSUN Solids Control Equipment Facilitating CNOOC's Drilling Operation in Mexico

Recently, KOSUN delivers a batch of solids control equipment to offshore drilling platform of CNOOC in the Gulf of Mexico. This batch of equipment is specially used for offshore pla...
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Conditions for Improving Work Efficiency of Drilling Mud Desander

Desander is generally used for non-weighted drilling fluid, but some experts recommend it can be used in handling drilling fluid which is 1.30 ~ 1.44g / cm3, since the majority of t...
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KOSUN Drilling Waste Management System Facilitates Drilling Industry in Algeria

In November 2014, when trucks fully loaded with D355 centrifuges, cuttings dryers and Hi-G dryers were driving out of KOSUN factory, busy frontline production and shipping persons g...
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KOSUN Is Looking Forward to Meet You in the OSEA 2014

Together with the long term partner in Singapore, KOSUN will attend the OSEA 2014, which will be held during 2nd to 5th December this year. The booth number is 1P3-01, and our KOSUN...
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The Superiorities of Linear Motion Shale Shaker

In the oil drilling, the linear motion shale shaker is significant in oil drilling as an essential part of drilling equipment....
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The Three Most Important Solids Control Equipment's Role in Drilling Fluid System

Three Most Important Solids Control Equipment in Drilling Mud System--- Oil Drilling Mud Shale Shaker,Drilling Mud Cleaner,Oil Decanter Centrifuge...
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KOSUN Solids Control System Is Highly Appreciated by a Well-known Russian Drilling Service Provider Again

KOSUN has been regarding product quality and services as the basis for corporate survival over the years. In early November, the KOSUN Office in Russia sent a consumer survey feedba...
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