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Decanter Centrifuge Application in Mud Solids Liquid Separation

Decanter Centrifuge , also called horizontal decanter centrifuge , is one of the most important solid liquid separation equipment in a oilfield solids control system . It can integr...
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KOSUN Black Rhino Shale Shakers are shipped to Rockies

BLACK RHINO Series equipment will draw more attentions from drilling companies and drilling contractors all over U.S....
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Decanter Centrifuge and Screw Pump Exported to West Africa

Since KOSUN oilfield drilling fluids solids control equipment is warmly welcome with its high technical performance in the West Africa, 3 sets of VFD Decanter Centrifuge with 3 sets...
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What Need You Know While Choosing Shale Shaker?

Shale Shaker separates solids from liquids by utilizing a vibrating basket, that might be outfitted with specially-designed and -sized screens. Shaker is regarded primarily essentia...
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Know-how to Operate Drilling Fluids Hydrocyclone

As a key part of drilling fluids solids control equipment desander and desilter for separating solids, hydrocyclones in different specifications work against different diameters and...
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KOSUN Smoothly Expands its Business to Southeast Asia Market

Recently, KOSUN signed an Agent Agreement with a powerful energy company in the Southeast Asia Market in May 2014 after more than five months communication and touch, which is reall...
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How to Process Mud to Meet the Needs of Drilling Operation?

Proper mud density is of high necessity since only it can well control formation pressures, maintain well bore stability and ensure successful electrical logging. It also need apply...
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What Is Drilling Mud Purification Equipment?

In order to fit into the demand of drilling, it is equipped with weighting device,solids control equipment, mixing unit and chemical-adding device to change the physical and chemica...
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