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Superiority of ES-KSN Vertical Centrifuge Equipment

In oilfield drilling mud system , vertical cutting dryer can be used to reduce the liquid content of drill cuttings to a level that allows discharge to the environment or as prepara...
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Optional Feeder Types of Shale Shaker in Mud System

In drilling mud system , oilfield drilling shale shaker is a device that removes undesirable solids from mud. Drilling bit cuttings and pieces of formation that have brought into th...
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Oilfield Decanter Centrifuge Application in Drilling Fluids

KOSUN drilling decanter centrifuge , also referred to as a brand new type of horizontal decanter centrifuge, is one of the most important solid/liquid separation equipment in a oilf...
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What Need Noting During Installing Jet Mud Mixer?

In a complete solids control system , jet mud mixer is usually installed at the end, or we could say that it is a unit placed besides the mud tank and used together with the solids ...
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Oil Drilling Linear Shale Shaker for Cleaning Mud

Shale shaker isnt only made use of inside the oilfield mud solids control system but in addition applied inside the HDD,CBM,TBM and Dredge slurry separation, which is in a position ...
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20 Rigs of KOSUN Solids Control are Exported to Russia

A few days ago, KOSUN has concluded the agreement with Intellect Drilling Services (IDS) about providing 20 sets of solids control equipment and a good deal of accessories as well a...
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KOSUN Smoothly Shipped Shaker Screen to Turkey

Not long ago, KOSUN smoothly effected shipment of shaker screen again for a most famous oil service company in Turkey. Prior to this time, the client was pretty satisfied with the q...
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Decanter Centrifuge Application in Mud Solids Liquid Separation

Decanter Centrifuge , also called horizontal decanter centrifuge , is one of the most important solid liquid separation equipment in a oilfield solids control system . It can integr...
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