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Some Using Details about Solids Control Equipment on Drilling Site

On the oil and gas drilling site, normal use of any set equipment and drilling system or can not be ignored, KOSUN summarizes some of the details of the techniques associated with s...
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How to Disassemble and Store the Solids Control Equipment ?

The basic requirements for the storage of solids control equipment 1. To select the special site of solids control equipment storage. 2. When solids control equipment get problems, ...
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Ten Daily Maintenance Points of Cyclone Desander Really Should Know

Desande,used as on e of the most important solis control equipment,need to be paied attention in drilling fluid process to ensure the high efficiency of working....
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KOSUN Wins a Bulk Order of ZJ70 Drilling Mud Circulating System in Kazakhstan

Near the end of the year, KOSUN Kazakhstan Service Company sends another good news that it has signed a contract concerning ZJ70 circulating system with a local drilling company in ...
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Some Tips for Using Jet Mud Mixer in Drillling

Jet Mud Mixer is used with solids control equipment,it supporting the use of the equipment , it can meet the needs of different depth of mud solid control system of drilling fluid w...
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KOSUN VD270 Vacuum Degasser Well Received in South America

Recently, KOSUN’s VD270 vacuum degassers customized for a South American customer have successfully arrived at Shanghai Port, ready for shipment and sea transportation....
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Hydrocyclone as Major Solids Liquid Separator Part

A hydrocyclone has two exits on the axis: the smaller on the bottom (underflow or reject) and a larger at the top (overflow or accept). The underflow is generally the denser or coar...
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Decisive Factors of Decanter Centrifuge Machine

Decanter centrifuge is usually installed after the desilter in drilling mud system . The drilling mud from the desilter is pumped through the inlet to the feed chamber and slung fro...
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