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Zero Discharge of Drilling Waste in Oilfield

With the establishment of “Xi’an Oil and Gas Drilling Waste Management Engineering Research Center”, KOSUN will have more opportunities to make great contributions to the dril...
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A Loving Family - KOSUN Staff Birthday Party

As China solids control leader and drilling waste management expert, KOSUN not only focuses on a constant optimization of its products and services, but also insists on its “peopl...
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KOUSN Black Rhino Shale Shaker and Decanting Centrifuge at American Drilling Site

Black Rhino series products are the high-end solids control equipment launched in North America market after 10-year research and development over its accumulation for 23 years. ...
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KOSUN Ranked on Forbes

KOUSN ranked the 87th on the recently released List of “2015 Forbes China’s Unlisted Potential Enterprises Top 100” for its 20% gross revenue compound growth rate in two years...
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Drilling Decanter Centrifuge Is Significant in Solids Control System

Decanter centrifuge is an irreplaceable sludge dewatering equipment used in various industries, such as the chemical, oil & gas, food, pharmaceutical, mining, machinery and environm...
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KOSUN Solids Control Equipment and System Transportation

Recently, another batch of drilling mud solids control equipment labeled with KOSUN arrives at Zhem Station in Kazakhstan by international freight block train named Changan from Xia...
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KOSUN ZJ20 Trailer-mounted Hydraulic Lifting Circulation System for Indonesian Market

The customer feeds back that KOSUN LS703 shale shaker has a remarkable mud handling effect on site, featuring high handling capacity, stable performance and screen economization....
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KOSUN ZJ70 Low Temperature Solids Control Systems to Kazakhstan

At the beginning of January 2015, the ZJ70 low temperature solids control system, which Kazakhstan KOSUN Service Co., Ltd. signed with a local well-known drilling company, had been ...
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